Dear colleagues,
On behalf of the Maize Research Institute, it is our great pleasure to invite you to attend the International Conference “The Frontiers of Science and Technology in Crop Breeding and Production”. Due to the situation with the COVID-19, the Conference, dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the Maize Research Institute, Zemun Polje, will be held online, June 8-9, 2021.

Crop research today is more important than ever as scientists confront great challenges from climate changes to the growing world population, for which efficient breeding strategies and new technologies are necessary. Since maize, wheat and soybean supply more than a half of all calories consumed around the world, it is of essential importance for global food security to increase yield, quality and stress tolerance of these crops.

The Conference focuses on aspects of genetic resources and prebreeding, crop/trait improvement, genomic breeding, bioinformatics, abiotic and biotic stress, cropping practices, seed science, food and nutrition as well as understanding tools to overcome obstacles and enable successful data analyses and management. The presentations should be aimed at the research of maize, small grains and soybean.

The principal goal of the Conference is to gather experts and researchers both from academia and industry to exchange their knowledge, experience and research innovations, to give answers to existing problems and raise new questions, to meet potential collaborators and maximise the Conference networking potential.

On behalf of the Maize Research Institute

Dr. Nenad Delic
President of the Scientific Committee